Drivers and car your disposal for the shopping in the major commercial centers in the world of the brands, waiting for the visit of you
Call us to accompany you to visit the Rome and Florence Outlet and world of the brands of The Mall, McArthur Glen Outlet and Space Outlet

The shopping in and around Rome

You are in Rome for a few days, you stop for a long time, you start from our city?

In any case you want to do shopping in the citizens major commercial centers citizens major commercial centers, or in Rome or Florence Outlet the best brands and designer labels of the moment? Our vehicles and our drivers are at your disposal to accompany you on the spot, to remain at your service until the end of your shopping and bring you back to your hotel.

The major Commercial Centres in Rome as Parco Leonardo, Parco da Vinci, Porta di Roma, I Granai, Euroma e Euroma2 are waiting for the visit as well wait for the Outlets of the province of Rome and Florence.

Do not be afraid of the distances, both indicative of arrival to the outlet of Florence not more than two and a half hours travel spent with our cars and our drivers. They are not so many for a day passed in a different way to browse in the world of the brands!

Once there the car will remain at your disposal for your every need and drop you off at your hotel at the end of the day